The Career Woman and the Homefront : Press for Change

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In commemoration with the 2018 international women’s day; celebrating women who have achieved, to shine light on ladies who have contributed to the society with their talent, perseverance and profound wisdom. More also to motivate and unite women globally to work, act and be gender inclusive.

The woman as made by God is a helpmeet for the man, and in the understanding of who a help is; whoever is called to help is expected to furnish with strength in all capacity to the successful attainment of a course. Also before one can be chosen as a help, there has to be a certification that she is capable of rendering the assistance needed.

Man being what he is, will naturally crave help from one who could collaborate with tenacious effort to truly make a positive difference. However, in as much as women are being celebrated globally, this topic is apt as approximately sixty five percent of the women in the world are still left behind in their call as a “helpmeet”.

The woman is for God, the wife for the husband and the mother for the children. Every woman therefore has to work to maintain a balancing between these three.
The primary essence of a wife is to work with the man to achieve the purpose of his existence, and in doing this lies the fulfilment of every woman.

A lack of understanding of her essence and place, poor time management, and inability to maintain a balancing between the these three roles; the woman,the wife and the mother is what constitute what we call the “challenges of a career woman”. Every career woman should therefore work assiduously to be appropriated in all.

Every woman is a mother and a wife. Therefore, the subject that says some set of women are carrier women and give priority to career above their home should be improved upon.

The woman is for God, the wife for the husband and the mother for the children.  Every woman therefore has to work to  maintain a balancing between these three.Temidayo Fasan

On the part of leadership, women are nation builders, and it should be noted that “where there is no woman there is no multiplication”. This topic is therefore calling out to women to stand out and shun the inferiority complex. Women should henceforth not see themselves as weak and incapable.

Many countries, societies, and organizations in the world are behind in development today due to gender disparity.
As many have denied accessibility to leadership, innovative and potential women who should be nation builders.

It is therefore imperative for all women and girls to wake up to their responsibilities and make themselves relevant in providing solutions for sustainable development of their society; erasing the common sensibility that ladies are weaker vessels, which is contrary to the truth.

Ladies should avoidably do away with any man who does not appreciate their essence.

Conclusively, in order to achieve good success; every woman must be God-fearing, understanding the position of the man as her head. You begin to fail as a career woman the moment you start to see yourself as better than your husband, forgetting that the whole of you is a remnant of his spirit. A woman must submit to her husband in all not to evoke God’s anger.

When women are rightly positioned, serving their essence then, we will be able to build an egalitarian society where peace reigns.

A happy women’s day celebration from all of us at Celestial Weekly.

Author: Temidayo Fasan

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