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If you ever had someone who battled with a life threatening disease and whose only means of sustenance was life support, you will understand the meaning of staying plugged. You all know I am a sucker for narratives, I’d share a little story and then get to the point. My sister, Floxy, has got a faulty mobile at the moment. Although, she has an important online business and lots of responsibilities to want to stay online, she doesn’t enjoy it as much because her mobile has got to be plugged in to a power output for long battery life, else, it just switches off and you know what that means. Two days ago, I was having a conversation with her and her phone goes off and she says “see what talking to you did, it made me lose focus and I didn’t plug my phone in, now the battery is all gone.” Immediately, something struck by the power of the holy spirit: Are we plugged into the world for an opportunity to belong and to be famous or to God the source, the creator and sustainer of all things?

Mum would always reinstate this line in her teachings and it has stuck with me too: “We are in the world but not of the world.” Evil manipulation and wicked inhibitions like suicidal thoughts, sexually immoral thoughts, envy, fits of rage, idolatry, strife, greed and hatred might flood your mind all day; however, staying plugged with God gives you all of the support you need to stand firmly, to girdle your loins and win every battle. It gives you the strength and will of having no time for nothing else asides the things of God. How you eat, relate with other people, what to wear, when to travel and what not becomes relatively easy and sweet.

You’d see yourself in a new light as a child of God who is connected with the Father 24 hours in a day, our spiritual antenna is plugged in to receive from Him at all times. Vain things no longer interest you, instead, you begin to intentionally study the word, meditate on psalms and spiritual hymns, having a more intimate relationship with God in that you have blessed quiet time with Him and you are able to filter all the noise, the hustle and bustle in your environment just to have a beautiful time with Him.

It is like the story of newlyweds. They undoubtedly have zero or no time for anything other than their spouse. When we live life with the mindset of falling and dying if we do not stay plugged with God, then we do the things of God more diligently. We keep our eyes on the prize and guard ourselves body, mind, soul and spirit from carnal thoughts and evil desires. Our only desire then would be to intentionally seek and pursue God all the days of our life.

I was scrolling through my feed on instagram and I caught on what pastor said, in his words “most people want a side chick saviour, they want the benefit of a relationship with God but no commitment whatsoever”. Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man, (Luke 16:19) who was in deep regret and agony when he died and he saw Lazarus in a better place. He wanted water so bad because he was in Hades but didn’t even get it.

The question today is this: why wait until you die? Why wait until a life threatening disease take you? Why wait until there is spilt milk? Why wait until tomorrow? Celestial hymn 578 “do not tarry, wait no more, just a minute might make you lose your life.”

Jesus is calling! He wants us to come to Him. His arms are wide open to receive us. Remember the story of the prodigal son and how his father received Him. The son of God did not die for the just and godly, but for the liars and murderers and sexually immoral, haters and people who love to live life on their own terms. He has not come to condemn anyone but to make sure that we are all redeemed and that we reign with Him in his eternal kingdom.

Whatever feed, content, lifestyle, approach, or circle draws you away from God; you should break loose today and come to Jesus. He has paid the price and so in Him, we live in total freedom. Stay plugged, always. God loves you.

Author: Mary Odunayo

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