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Life can be likened to a portrait. The paint brushes are the experiences you encounter that creates the magnificent strokes of colour and vibrancy that shines. We have different shades: Shades of Dark & Light, representing the highs and lows we experience in our lives.
The canvas is the foundation that we build those experiences, cumulating all the brush strokes & shades. As the portrait sits, dust collects, giving age to the portrait as it withstands the tests of time & fate. Our souls, lives and beings are the portraits of God’s image & handiwork, making us innately unique & special.

We love. We fight. We forgive. We laugh. We cry. All these things make us ourselves, unique people – Billy Dunamis

Daily our lives intersect with people we may never see again. From the inception of most relationships, the effect & change they will have on us might not be obvious, but as it goes, we get to experience new things from the new individuals in our lives.

It is however, worthy to note that even the Bible asserts

 “Do not be misled or deceived. Bad company corrupts good character”1Corinthians 15:33
Psalm 1:1 further blesses the one who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of mockers.
There are lots of people we meet in life and they either have positive or negative impacts in our lives. Some of them are as listed below:


    This refers to that committed figure in your life that has taught you something you will never forget. It could be one specific lesson or many little things. They are more like the lights to brighten our parts especially when we are in the dark.


    Might not be the opposite sex. This person stands to make you understand what real, true and agape love is. This person remains true to you no matter what, making you realise how sacrificial love can ever be.


    This person can provide negativity or positivity in your life, depending on how you look at it but it’s always good to notice the more optimistic side of this person. Without a push sometimes, you won’t act. Therefore, a push is necessary. In the end you discover that this person provided some sort of motivation to exceed your expected limit.


    Change is the most constant agent in life. You have met yourself in your lifetime & again as the years have passed, you have changed. You have lost yourself once and probably lost yourself again only to discover someone else yet again. You are always a different person in different situations you find yourself.


    Just as the title depicts, you find such people encouraging and supporting whatever you plan on doing. Your choice of friends determines if they will be positive encouragers or negative ones. You find these people always standing by what may come.


    These people are neither with you or against you. You never can tell or predict them. No matter how close knitted you may be, when you least expect, they back out of whatever you may want them involved in for your sake and quit on you. They are a great source of discouragement & disappointment. Identifying such a person from onset will help boost your morale and the will to forge ahead.


    This person has dedicated their whole life to the art of giving. They are as selfless as anything you can imagine. Be it giving a homeless person or a person in need, they never mind. They are very generous and never want anyone around them to lack.


    This set of people are not tied to anyone or anything in particular. They change job, environment, relationships… anything that can be changed. They always want to try new things and meet new persons. They love and value their freedom. They are natural fun lovers. Their freedom is a reminder not to take life too seriously. Enjoy the moment you find yourself.


    When you meet this person, you tend to trust them easily due to their obvious good traits upfront only to have them use it against you. No matter what you have ever done for them, it never stops them from stabbing you behind your back or even right in front of you when the occasion arises.
    “Feed a dog for three days, it will never forget you in three years; but feed a human for three years, they can easily forget you even in three days. It is very important to meet someone like this in life to help remind you that being trusting is the best quality you can have but at the same time, you must not be too trusting. Always remember that change in anyone is inevitable.


    You may do an insignificant thing for them, but they will always remain excessively grateful, making what you did look even bigger than it really is. They are loyal, friendly, honest, true and faithful and don’t often lack helpers because people love to be thanked for the tiniest good done. The negative ones could double as being manipulative, using you to get what they want and after then, distant themselves.

Regardless of the class a person you meet in life falls into, they always add something to your life either negative or positive. Irrespective of the impact they leave, you tend to always learn a valuable lesson from their presence (Maria Admira).
Your ability to utilise the lessons learnt productively determines what your tomorrow will be. Once bitten, twice shy. You don’t make the same mistake twice. Live, Love and Learn!

Author: Allen Destiny Celestina

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