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Helping and Inspiring young people to overcome challenges.
The Good Samaritan Foundation is an NGO registered in the UK with Registered Charity Number 1161031.

Our Mission

The Good Samaritan Foundation implements projects, programmes and activities aimed at augmenting and improving personal, social and psychological development needs of our youths to enable them to realise their potential as they journey into adulthood.

Our Purpose

We aim to advance the social and psychological life of young people mainly through crisis intervention, advocacy, motivational interactions and leisure time activities in order to develop their mental, physical and spiritual capacities so they can achieve their full potential as a responsible individual and members of society.

Our Vision

The vision for The Good Samaritan Foundation is to work in partnership with vulnerable children and young people, aged 12 – 24 years old, and their parents, to improve their personal, psychological and social development needs through targeted projects and programmes.

The Good Samaritan Foundation is to work in partnership with other Charities and NGOs with the same objective to raise awareness and help tackle youth inequalities and crime.


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