Knowing Jesus for yourself

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It is sad to see that a lot of people depend on their spiritual leaders/pastors/mentors a little too much, forgetting that they are human just as we are and not saints. 

It was not specified in the scripture that only spiritual heads could have access to God. Infact, God sent His only Son to die for all, not some selected few; and no one goes to the Father, except through His son JESUS. When Jesus was leaving the earth, He said he wouldn’t leave us alone and so he gave us the Holy Spirit at freewill, to always bring us into the revelation and knowledge of God. 

Therefore, as Christians, it is important for us to know Jesus for yourself in order to live a life void of reproach and idolatry. 

I’d be highlighting five major reasons why:

1. To know Jesus for you is to have a clear direction on how to live a purposeful life. In a world of so many twist and turns, and so much betrayal and deceit, if you still do not subscribe to the fact that the only true friend you have is JESUS, then you are in for a long ride. 

The knowledge of God’s word is a likened to a lamp unto our feet as psalmist puts it in chapter 119 verses 105. A lot of people are hanging on a cliff with no clear sense of direction on what to do, what step to take, who they are and how to live life in general and this is because they do not know Jesus. The moment you take conscious effort to intentionally know Him, you’d see that everything becomes as clear as day.

2. If you want to build intimacy or enhance your personal relationship with the Father through the Son and by the power of the Holy Spirit, then you have to know Him by yourself. Remember, no one goes to the Father, except through His Son, Jesus Christ. I have come to a solid conclusion by understanding the spirit gives that indeed, every challenge or temptation we go through as a believer, is to build our personal relationship with God. 

The world has changed from when you run to other humans when you’re in problems, than running to Jesus and asking Him for all the help that you need. And how can we build intimacy if we do not get know Him?

3. Absolute Peace. The Father is the God of all peace. In the world generally, there is a lot of hustle and bustle, everyone is trying so hard to get ahead in business, education, marriage, finance, and lifestyle. You will agree with me that comparison is now the order of the day and people live with so much heartache because of problems caused by greed, covetousness, envy and the likes. 

I am here to tell you confidently that knowing Jesus for yourself gives you undiluted peace. God didn’t say we wouldn’t have challenges in this life, he said not to worry, that he has conquered the world. When we live life in absolute submission to the will of God, then we find out that everything works together for the good of those who love God and are called according to purpose.

4. You need to know Jesus for yourself to have all the confidence and assurance you need without seeking validation elsewhere. It takes more than having a good stable home, job and family to be whole. So many people have these things but still seek validation from people when the focus should be on God. Knowing whose you are gives you assurance and confidence to speak into existence all that he has called you be. For the reason that you are a child of God who is loved by the Father, only good things are permitted to happen to you and you take charge of the situation only WHEN you know Jesus for yourself.

5. To know Jesus for yourself is to secure your identity as a child of God. People will come at you, they will say so many negative words to bring you down, they’d castigate you, they’d condemn you, but you’d stand strong until the end, because you know you stand with Christ. You know before anything else that you are His. You do not feel condemned because of the life you lived in your former life, you know you have been regenerated by the blood of the lamb and as such, your identity is secured in Him. If you do not know Jesus for yourself, you’d be like the chaff that is blown by the wind easily tossed left, right and centre, and that would be a shame as a child of God

Author: Mary Odunayo

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