Entrepreneurship – Freedom from Modern Day Slavery

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What is freedom?
What is slavery?
Does slavery still exist?
What are the signs that you are under modern day slavery?
How can I break free?
What are the Challenges of obtaining your freedom?

The questions above are what I aim to answer and shed some light on in this article.
The word “slave” is almost a forbidden word and must be carefully used in order not to reopen old wounds. My aim is not to open up old wounds but rather provide a healing balm to wounds that are currently open and hurting badly.
Let us first see how a slave is defined in the Oxford dictionary, it is defined as “a person who is the legal property of another and forced to obey them”.
The question that might be ravaging through the minds of many reading this is “does that still exist?” Some people might even be quick to say “I am not a slave, and so on. But what I would like to do is for us to consider some of the factors involved in slavery as it was about 600 years ago or better still in the days and times of “Kunta Kinte” when black people were enslaved by the whites.

1. Your time is controlled
2. You have limited if not irrelevant opinion in what your wages should be
3. If you don’t obey your master, you get punished
4. You cannot make a decision without the fear of what your master would say.

Let me stop at these 4 points above because my intention and aim is not to arouse anger against white people or the people of any human race.
Now that we have established what some factors of slavery are or was, let me ask you some questions:

1. Do you control your own time today?
2. Do you determine what your wages should be?
3. Do you face the risk of losing your job when you do not comply with the rules and regulations of your place of work when the rules negatively affect your beliefs?

4. Can you make work-related decisions at work without consulting a superior even when it is in their best interest?

Author: Okikiola Ayamolowo

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