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CW: How did your journey as a prophetess start?

AB: I thank The Lord who alone raises up His prophets.

I was born in this great church, through our late Pastor and Supreme Head worldwide, Pastor A.A. Bada of blessed memory. He was the first shepherd of the national headquarters at Makoko.

My life has practically been in the church. And there was no difference between church and where we lived then. So, most of the time we were in the church, and we observed the seven hourly prayers all day round. We normally wake up at 5:30am and our father would gather us as a family. We would pray, then 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and 12am we finish. That is how we lived our lives.

Why am I saying this? The secret of God is with those who fear Him. The book of Psalms 25:14 stated that. So, you can see my life has been much more with God.

In the morning when we prayed, we normally go through the scriptures and our father would [then] ask us what dream we had [last night]. So, the grown ups out of us would explain and my father would then interpret the dreams. I’ve been having dreams as a young person, and I would see them come to pass. I was so scared to tell my parents, but the confidence came and I started sharing my dreams with my father and my mother. My mother [Pro. Alice Bada, of blessed memory] was a great prophetess.

I was very young. They thought I was making things up.

CW: How old were you at the time, Ma?

AB: I was seven years old.

They thought I was making things up when I said I saw this and I saw that. But when they came to pass, they started taking me seriously. My father then started praying for us – myself and my elder sister [M/C (Pro.) Shola Bada]. My sister wasn’t a speaking prophetess then, but she was always in spirit.

When my father wanted to know something, he would pray over a candle and give it to me to sleep with [to place me before The Lord with that candle]. I hadn’t started speaking [prophesying] then, it was just through dreams. My spiritual life started with dreams. So, I noticed that I had the gift of dreaming, because when I dreamt it came pass.

When they [the church] were having prophetic meetings, we asked my mother to take us [my sister and I] and we normally went with her. Papa Oshoffa came to Nigeria, and he was holding a big revival. From there The Holy Spirit descended upon me. I didn’t know what was going on when it happened. All I could put it to was a cold. I started shivering, and my shaking was uncontrollable. That is how I started.

CW: So, were you still seven years old when you received The Holy Spirit?

AB: Yes – I was going to eight years old then. It was within a year that all these things happened.

Anyway, when I entered the church and touched the [sanctification] water the cold would start from my head to my legs. And the shaking continued from the time I entered the church, until when my father would come and place his hand upon me and pray for me with alter water in a bell. Only then was I released. And when I was released, I would feel heat from underneath my foot up to my head. I still wasn’t speaking [prophesying], but the power of God kept manifesting in my life.

There was a lady that had been pregnant for three years, and the pregnancy would show obviously. But within a few months, everything would just disappear. God used me then. We were in the service and God said I should place my right hand on her back and my left hand on her head. I was moved in the spirit to go and do that. Then something happened. The lady fell down and God just said I should put my hand on her back – as young as I was. Do you know that this lady delivered a baby boy after three years?

After then, God opened my mouth to say what He was going to do for that baby. He explained that the pregnancy had been tied to her back, but God wanted to do something that would marvel a lot of people.

CW: Just to clarify, Ma, was that the first time you started speaking?

AB: Yes – that was the first time I started prophesying.

Since the shaking started, when I entered the church, my left ear would always get blocked and I wouldn’t hear anything. I was so playful as a young person, so that kept me under control. But when I started speaking, that ear was released. When God wanted to speak to me, my hear would be humming and then it would stop and I would start hearing.

That is how my journey as a prophetess started.

When I started, a projector screen was placed in front of me [in the spiritual realm] and it was through that I was able to see [visions]. That was the first thing God started me on. If they [the hosts of heaven] wanted to communicate things to me, I’ll see things [on this projector screen]. But ask me what I saw when I come out of spirit, I wouldn’t know anything. Everything would be blank. But when I’m in spirit, this is what they would show me – the projector screen would descend – and it was like watching a movie.

Then also, when I was in a meeting, I spoke to our leader then about what I was experiencing with the blocked ear. He said it’s because God wanted to use me and He wants me to stay focused. He then quoted Romans 12:1-2. He said “you should present yourself as a living sacrifice. He wants to preserve that body. You are a vessel. Because of the kind of person, He has made you He needs to block that ear so you won’t be distracted. When your ear is blocked, your heart goes to Him.”. He told me there was nothing to be worried about.

CW: How were you trained as a developing prophetess?

AB: Thank you for asking me that question – that’s a deep question.

Back then, our leader who usually did the church announcement was the one who coordinated us. He wasn’t a prophet – just a leader in the church, but he was always in the spirit. We had our meetings on Thursdays at 12pm. That was when we held our services. We were always told then to purge ourselves – what I mean is to come before God empty. Whatever we had inside us, we had to let it go. With fasting and prayer, we came empty and totally before God. If you had anything against anybody, it had to be settled before coming to the service.

We always observed the seven-hourly prayers with meditation on The Word of God. We deliberated on how we understood it, like the prophets of old; how God used them. The leader would then expand on this.

We were told where they have a company of people, you are not supposed to be there as a prophet or prophetess – you know why? Because when they send you to them and God reveals things, they’re not going to believe the spirit of God in you [if you were among those that were gossiping]. Our leader always used Psalm 1 a lot – don’t be in the company of them.

As for spiritual items; we had one bottle of water, a candle [and sometimes] a coconut or a boiled egg with honey. Though, these things are just symbols and it’s not from these items that we receive any power. We brought these items with our Bibles to the meeting.

We would go into songs and then intense prayer. After this, we would go in-depth into the Word of God. We would then go back into prayer.

Before they could use you [to participate in spiritual activities], you were always tested if you were a speaking prophet or prophetess. My father would just put his keys somewhere and they would ask you to go into spirit and tell them where his keys are – that’s one way we were tested if they wanted to use us for ishono [spiritual consultation]. They wanted to confirm the spirit at work in us. Another way they tested us was by putting some items in a while bowl, covering it, and asking us what was inside. If a speaking prophet or prophetess said anything other than exactly what was inside that bowl, they wouldn’t use them for ishono. Instead, they would call them aside and pray for them deeply. They would tell them to also fast for three days and to pray for clear visions. It was fantastic.

We were tested most of the times. And even the non-speaking junior prophets and prophetesses also. They always held prayers for them, and they asked the speaking prophets to walk along with them [in the spirit]. This also included counselling, advising and encouraging them. We also had those things in place.

Another thing was that the upcoming prophets were given candles which had already been prayed over. They would ask us to take the candle home for that week, pray with it also and come back to the next meeting to tell them what they needed to know. If you are a vessel God uses, God will tell you. It wasn’t always about what you would see in the meeting.

There are many ways God speaks to people. The visioneers also came to the meetings and they were helped with prayers too. It’s not just about the speaking prophets.

CW: You mentioned that there were regular tests that the elders put the prophets and prophetesses through. On that point, how were you personally tested to confirm your calling as a prophetess before you went for your anointment? Was there a specific test?

AB: Actually, it was Papa Oshoffa that tested me. Back then, we only went from school to church. We [my sister and I] were the ones our father normally used for ishono [spiritual consultation] when people needed prayers and guidance.

In those days it was standard practice that you had to be married before receiving your first anointment. But in 1973, we went to Port Novo, we saw one young prophet with a loin and I thought to myself “ah ah, he can’t be more than my age and we do a lot in this church…”

CW: What age was this, Ma?

AB: 14 years old.

So, I said this young prophet can’t be more than my age. I called my sister and we went to tell our father. There’s no job [spiritual work] that they wouldn’t ask us to join to do, because most of them weren’t there [they were unavailable for the work]. But we being the shepherd’s children, we were always available. So, we asked why couldn’t we just get anointment as well. The work of God we did was more than others. We told our mother, and she said It’s true. She then told our father about it.

We were in Port Novo and our father spoke to Papa and took us to see him. So, Papa then said he was going to test us. There was a very sick man that came to see Papa and they had to carry him in. Papa told me to shono [enquire of God in the spirit] for this man, and my senior sister was given another assignment. God revealed Himself squarely. This man was an elderly man. Everything about him was revealed – the day he was born, and what happened. The man was bearing witness to it all and God said what He was going to do to release him. My Sister also passed her test as well.

Papa then requested the bowl with the anointing oil, and that is how he anointed us.

CW: So, he anointed you both immediately?

AB: Yes, he anointed us immediately. That is how we got our first anointment in 1973. I was 14 years of age.

CW: You started so young! What challenges came with the calling?

AB: There were a lot of challenges. First of all, whenever I joined any spiritual work in the afternoon, at night I must always receive a visitation [from evildoers who afflicted those God delivered]. They would beat the hell out of me. I always got attacked in my dreams, especially when I was sent reveal the secrets of evildoers. I always had sleepless nights because of the attacks.
There were a lot of challenges – both physically and spiritually. Satan wouldn’t want you to reveal his evil works.

Also, back then there was a lot of stereotyping. People would look at you and always found a way to put you down. There was a lot of jealousy and it could really dampen your spirit, especially if you don’t have much experience [and you’re still developing as a prophetess].

Basically, if things are going well for you, since you’ve been the eyes and mouth of God, you’re about to pass through a challenge. That’s another issue. I had a lot of challenges growing up as a prophetess of God – a lot.

CW: One final question Ma, what advice do you have for the young prophets and prophetesses of today?

AB: Hmmm! That is a big question.

I will advise the young and upcoming prophets and prophetess today to stay focused on Christ. Be steadfast in The Word of God. Fast and pray without ceasing. Four corner [sutana] is not a joke and it’s not for fashion! The eyes of those in the four corners of the world are on you. If you don’t have problems. The day you become a prophet or prophetess of God, you’re bound to have problems – you will definitely have one problem or the other.

As Romans 12:1-2 says, present yourself as a living sacrifice all the time. Meditate upon that word.

Try to be in spirit all the time, because when you stop, the devil doesn’t stop. He operates all the time.

You are more than what you think you are, if you actually obey God and listen.

Do not be a deceiver because of what God said in the book of Jeremiah 14:14. The joy of a prophet is more, but if you tell lies in the name of God, you’re preparing your own downfall.

Keep your temple clean for God. If God has chosen you, you are not of the world anymore.

Do things according to the Spirit all the time.

Do not reject the gathering of other prophets that are carrying the same spirit as you, because there’s a lot of them outside that are proclaiming that they’re prophets of God. Little do we know, they’re actually prophets of Satan. Let your eyes be open and follow the true prophets who says and sees by the power of God.

When a prophet or prophetess prophesise and it doesn’t come to pass, it means they’re not a prophet of God, or they’re being used by another spirit. God always manifests Himself in the life of His chosen ones.

I would tell them [the upcoming prophets and prophetesses] to stand still and watch. God is still God.

Be a carrier of His spirit, rather than a famous of prophet or prophetess that is not of God. Because people are now wearing four corner for fashion and it’s destroying the church.

I would advise them to be fearful of whom they do not see but is around and is watching.

Obey the Word of God, rather than the word of man.

That is what I would like to tell them.

I also have some words for the older prophets and prophetesses. [Many of them] claim seniority in the work of God and they do this in order to push the junior ones away. We are here to encourage and support them in spirit. We are here to pray with them and counsel them. When they fall, we are here to pick them up, not to castigate them.

I would like to tell them [the older prophets and prophetesses]; enough of this. In the ministry of God, love is very very paramount. It was that love that the people who actually trained us used that we became what we are today. They should try to be supportive now rather than claim seniority. Nobody is senior to anybody in this work. You’ll be surprised that a junior one can do more wonders than one who wears a big loin. We are letting what God gave us slip away into the drain, and this is why a lot of people are now dead in the spirit – they’re looking at their loins and position.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. When you have the spirit, you’ll have the wisdom of God. We are pushing the young ones away and we are not encouraging them. We need to stop this. The prophetic ministry is a very big ministry. If you think you can do it all by your own mind, you’ll fall down.

We are here to serve others, and the people around us need to know the purpose of our calling. We are not focused on that calling anymore – we’re now focused on seniority. This is why they’re dying slowly in spirit.

May God be with us all.

CW: Amen!

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  1. Wow very interesting. We thank God. Why is that there are so many things about Cele then that we no longer do, we hardly hear of people testing prophets etc or people following the 7 hourly worships? Well God help us.