Pre-requisites for a smooth relationship with the Father

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He has shown you O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? ‘To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your GodMicah 6:8 NIV

The reason why I termed them ‘pre-requisites’ is so we know that it is the same, and just as important that we brush our teeth and shower at the break of a new day, change our clothes to look good and presentable. It is even much more important to we know and act on what is required of us all day everyday in our relationship with God.

  1. To act justly.Now this means to do the right thing to all people at all times. To live right notwithstanding the cheers or words of mockery by people. This should be done not because other people are doing it and you want to blend in with the crowd, we should understand that it is what is right and required of us by the Lord.
    “This is what the Lord says: Do what is just and right.”Jeremiah 22:3a


For example, if I work in a multi-national corporation and the rules says: No head tie to the work place, trust me I will not hold a covering to my head, irrespective of my personal beliefs because I would definitely want to keep my job and not lose it. A lot of us follow through to the teeth earthly requirements without flinching and find it hard to do that which God himself says He requires.


However, you should know that His requirements are not so hard especially when you fear the Lord and revere Him in all His might, majesty and power, to walk in obedience of all He has commanded, to love Him with all of your body, spirit and soul and serve Him as long as you live on earth.

“To obey is better than sacrifice and to heed is better than fat of rams.”1 Samuel 15:22b
Long gone is the time when people offer burnt offerings and sacrifices, or cover themselves in ashes and sack cloth. What the Lord requires is our obedience to HIS WILL, HIS COMMAND and HIS AUTHORITY.


  1. To love mercy. Simply put, it is compulsory to show compassion and love to all God’s people at all times (evidence of the fruits of the spirit clearly at work). Whoever loves mercy would show mercy.
    “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice.”Hosea 6:6


You cannot ask for mercy from God and find it hard yourself showing it to the next man beside you.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”Matthew 5:7

Sometimes, the things of God seem like laws of karma (in the secular world). That is, whatever you do, you get in multiple folds. It is quite simple.


So, to the lady at the corner, that man in your workplace, that elder in church, that beggar at the bus station, whoever it is and at whatever time of the day, the requirement of the Lord is quite clear. SHOW MERCY.

“because judgement without mercy will be shown to everyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgement.”James 2:13
If you are having a hard time receiving mercy from God over that supplication, check yourself, just maybe you are not being merciful to people yourself? Check yourself. Do not oppress the widow, or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other. Love mercy and show mercy to all that you may receive mercy from God.


  1. Walk Humbly/Prudently/Faithfully. We have more than enough examples of men and women of faith who walked before God humble and faithful in all. We should draw strength from their life lessons.
    “After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Enoch walked faithfully with God, then he was no more, because God took him away.”Genesis 5:22-23


No one has ever ‘made it good in life’ being unruly and insensitive, let alone in God. You need to keep your heads down before God. It doesn’t matter if you are the teacher of laws and tenets, or if you are the worship leader in your church or the preacher’s daughter/son. God wants you to walk humbly and faithfully with Him.


CCC Hymn 609 stanza 2
“Show humility Celestians!
Show humility Celestians!
Work righteously in Celestial Church.
My eyes behold your work in Heaven.”
You do not need to ‘prove any point’ with people. Let God recognize you Himself and clothe you will splendour Himself. Remember, when you die, you cannot make any amend. Follow through God’s requirements. Take God seriously!

Author: Mary Odunayo

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