God knows “YOU” are “WORTH IT”

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Bible Text: Ezekiel 36:26-27 “I will give you a clean heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.”

This first-hand information is vital: Wherever it is you are coming from, whatever race, shape, colour, size or background, God knows you are worth it and that’s why you are called by His Name (A child of God).

By the reason of his death on the crucifix and his glorious ascension, we have been called into light and called out of the darkness, vengeance of sin, fear, heartache, depression and other vices. We are therefore, overwhelmingly conquerors through God who loved us and gave His only Son for us.

For this reason, you are no longer permitted to do things the way you used to. You are not allowed to intentionally roll in the mud and get all dirty because you know you have a father who cares for you. You are prohibited from walking old pathways that leads to doom and destruction. 

The perfect example that comes to my mind is that of the Israelites. Albeit, they were chosen by God as His treasure, they backslid so many times, they went after foreign gods, they worshipped carved images, they grumbled, they were ungrateful and unsettled. 

They were intentionally made to pass through a phase “Kadesh-Barnea” by being stuck in the wilderness for years, they were made to serve under a tyrant and rebel (Pharaoh). In the end, God called them out of the deep and brought them to a large place. He forgave their iniquities and restored them to how they were to be! How beautiful is that?

This should be a constant reminder however, that we must continually strive to be better every day. Because we have been saved, we should set targets and goals that are edifying. Unwholesome talk, unwholesome friends, unwholesome character shouldn’t be what we champion at. We need to intentionally break fallow grounds every day. To be more for God, not because everyone is doing it and definitely not out of pretence but because we’ve been called into light and we understand what it means to be whole and complete in CHRIST.

Let’s have a short analogy shall we? If for my construction site, I’m going to have to dig a borehole and I call the person who digs borehole to get one dug for me. Its logical to say when I don’t see water you do not stop digging. 

However, according to my research, there are different depths of water. So, in the course of its use, it is possible that the machine gets blunt of rolling or pumping water, either due to not reaching the richest depth while digging the first time, or a blunt pumping machine that now roll sand inside of water. Therefore, the person who digs the borehole has to come and re-evaluate it, fix it, sharpen it, recoil it, or whatever has to be done in other to fix it so we have water in the storage tank.  

In order for us not to dry up when our lives are out of tune and we don’t connect to the source, we have some fallow ground to break! Yes, you read right! We must break that alabaster box at his feet (lay all of our worry and problems at his feet and trust Him enough to sustain us in all circumstance of life). 

We should be in a state of reckless abandon to His will, His precepts, His decrees, His commandments and whatever directives He gives to us! We need to understand that we cannot do it alone. You need help first from God! And when you have Him, you are a conqueror. 

So, don’t stop doing that great thing the Lord has called you to do, and while at it make sure you are constantly sharpened for the course till the end. Remember, we are on a sojourn here on earth, and there’s a prize for this race we are running. Do the needful today! God Loves You.

Author: Mary Odunayo

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