Dare to ask! seeking life questions

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Dare to ask what?
Dare to know what?
Should I be asking these sort of questions?
Can I question God?
Will people still see me as a Christian after I ask?
When I get my answers, how do I know they are correct or genuine?
Who is qualified to answer me?
Why has it taken so long for me to ask these questions?
Oh My God! Are these questions coming from a believer, ok I’m just going to ask anyway?

  1. Is the bible a complete and absolute word of God?
  2. Was or is Jesus a black or white person?
  3. Why do we refer to God as He and not She? Could He be a She?
  4. Can I still be a genuine Christian if I find myself in a church organisation with very questionable doctrines?
  5. Does God already know the number of people who will make it to heaven?
  6. Why don’t Christian churches incorporate the teaching of prophet Mohammed into their doctrines.
  7. Must we pray in the name of Jesus because there is no record of Apostle Paul doing so or any of the disciples except for peter on one occasion at the beautiful gate. The bible makes reference to only praying in the ‘name of the Lord’
Truth is anything that is from God and reflects God in some way.Barnabas Piper

Dear reader, at this stage, I am almost certain you may be wondering what type of stupid or insane person would ask these type of questions especially if you are one of those religious types, some shepherds or pastors may even be quick to condemn such person and be quick to brand them as unholy or even say they have been demon possessed… what foolishness!!! I even remember asking a pastor one of the question above and he was quick to say I shouldn’t be asking such questions. I just laughed inside of me, not to mock him but it actually validates my point.[pullquote]Could it be that we are scared of the answers we would get? Or we already know the answers but are struggling to accept them?[/pullquote]

Anyway, whatever you may think does not change the fact that these are valid and legitimate questions about our spirituality and just because your pastor does not have the answers does not mean that the answers are not out there or will not be revealed by the creator of everything known and unknown to humans.

At this point, let me point out to you that I am a Christian (follower of Christ) but his information is neither here nor there, what is here is, why has it taken so long for me and others like myself to ask these questions that challenge the very essence of our faith?

Could it be that we are scared of the answers we would get? Or we already know the answers but are struggling to accept them. Or we have just been completely blindfolded by religion and religious leaders that we no longer have a mind of our own which is a free gift from God.

Maybe we are even afraid that the answers may come and challenge our faith so much that we have to subscribe to another faith. Well, let me assure you that if your faith and God wasn’t effective enough to protect you from being lost, maybe there is something actually out there that is greater than your god, which in my opinion you should subscribe to anyway.

Do not forget that the Shepherd is prepared to leave the 99 and go after the 1 and if a shepherd is ineffective in their duties then let another Shepherd take their place because the 1 will be safer with them anyway. I call this the Shepherd of all Shepherds! The God of all gods! The King of all kings! The Creator of everything known and unknown to man.

In conclusion, I say all these things just to say that any form of faith or religion that hinders you or prohibits you from asking questions about it, probably is enslaving you and even when you get an answer and you are not satisfied ask again and again because it is even written in the book of Isaiah 1:18 “Come and let us reason together.”
So my dear reader I request that you dare to ask that question and I strongly believe that it is the answer that will set you free from the various bondages and yokes of this world.
All Nicodemus had to ask was ‘’how can I be saved?’’ John 3:4 and he got his answer, so also the rich man in Matthew 19:16, he asked and got his answer. Whether or not he liked his answer is a different story but he did get his answer.

To be continued…

Author: Okikiola Ayamolowo

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