Scars Make Us Human

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Initially I had a topic I wanted to write about; but as I was watching a video by one of my favourite spoken word artists; Joseph Solomon- Scars, I felt God tell me this was what I needed to write about especially since I am in a season related to it.
Scars can be temporary or permanent reminders of an event that may have happened to us which caused us a particular type of pain, either physically, emotionally, psychologically and more.
We have all at some point in our lives hurt ourselves physically, intentionally or unintentionally and when the scar is healing what we decide is a smart but not so smart thing to do? Yes, correct! We decide to peel it off. We forget in that moment of peeling it off that it makes the healing process longer than intended, which could have been avoided if it had just been left alone.
Sometimes we can subconsciously stab, scratch and focus on a wound that makes it fresh every time we do those things. Yet we turn to God asking him to heal us according to his word, how does that work? I’ll wait… it doesn’t! Yes, getting that scar may have been painful, it may have affected the way we see things/people, it may have catapulted us into a different side of ourselves we swore would never be seen, but it’s there.
No matter what type of scar you are carrying, you have to acknowledge the fact that it is a scar, because when you do, you will understand it has a fundamental need; which is time. Trust me I don’t like to say it as much as it is true, because I personally am not patient when I have a particular type of scar.
Physically I have been hurt and I have, like most people peeled it off, emotionally I’ve been hurt by people even family and I dealt with the scar by covering it with anger. I’m the type of person who will be angry and upset about something for a while but then I will force myself to move on if I can’t sort it out. But in this period God really told me off, I felt really silly after I had a conversation with him and he told me that there is no grace for me to be angry at what people do.
I really processed it and was trying to defend my pride and anger by saying “are people allowed to continuously walk on me while I be quiet?” And he simply answered my ignorance by saying “come unto me all ye who labour and are heavily laden and I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you for my burden is light and my yoke is easy. Bring the situation to me and go about your business, for I see all that happens and I will repay each man to their deed“. Now this was one of the rare times I just accepted what he said and that’s why I’m passing it on.

“A warrior is defined by his scars, not his medals.” Matshona Dhliwayo
It doesn’t matter how you have been hurt, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dealing with this pain. It could have been the scars you are carrying from self-harming yourself, it could have been a scar you had received from a fight, it could have been an emotional burn you had from a relationship (this includes friendships); no matter what type of scar it is- let it heal.
Give it time, how? Stop going back and forth on it, and I mean stop stalking people to see how they are doing without you, stop reminding people of what they did to hurt you, stop focusing on your scars and your wounds. They will heal, if you just let it be.
I know it can be hard and I’m NOT saying it will happen quickly, but it will. Something that helps me is continuously taking it to God. I pray to him mostly every night and morning saying (this is how I actually talk to him) “I can’t carry this and try and act like everything is sweet, I’m hurting, I’m angry, I don’t like it but it’s how I feel, help me please. I can’t do it by myself. Strengthen me but also help me to see the lessons in this. Thank you for this season as MUCH as I don’t like it, amen.” And just knowing he’s with me strengthening me makes it feel a little more easier, it makes my smile a little more authentic and makes our relationship a little more real and honest.

Author: Rebecca Obrifor

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