SBJ Oschoffa; A Saint Indeed

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In remembrance of the 33rd year of the transition of an honorary Icon, a rare breed, great patriot and Pastor founder Celestial Church Of Christ Worldwide; Papa Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa (SBJO), whose legacy has left a permanent footprint on the sand of time.

SBJO demonstrated a life of perfect virtue, and a legacy worthy of emulation.
Saints are godly persons, eminent, and are known for their exceptional characteristics, worthy in character and piety.

Papa Oshoffa lived such an exemplary life, hence why he is classed as a saint indeed from the beginning of his life to his transition.
Today, looking back at history SBJO undoubtedly stands among the greatest universal saints.

The covenant of his calling has remained incorruptible, from one generation to another no one that calls on the God of Oschoffa is mortified.

SBJO, in his days possesses a sacred heart which made God dwell with him. The holy mother said to SBJO “it’s your holy heart that makes us dwell with you.”
Papa was a father to the fatherless, housed the homeless, lodged strangers, full of love and was in spirit from the beginning of his work till the end.

As Celestial celebrates the glorious transition of this enigmatic personality, it is expected for us to also reminiscence on the exemplary life he lived and the example of love he laid down for us while displaying true love to one another.

Cheers to the rare gem of divine creation and God’s gift to Africa, we pray that the glory of his calling shall continually abide with the Church of God and may the peace of Celestial bless the world.

Author: Temidayo Fasan

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