The Legacy of Prophets

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The legacy of prophets: Stand for justice and speak the truth. The only way to make the world a better place is to follow the path of the prophets.

What does it mean to leave a legacy? Many of us think of our children and grandchildren, and the notion of leaving them an inheritance. Others may think of building a business, or influencing others.
Our legacy is connected to the stewardship of our lives— how we order our life under God so that it is fruitful and productive.

Elijah was a man who feared the Lord, so he arranged his life to follow after God—to walk in His ways. Elisha observed this and wanted this same legacy. However, your legacy is not just about your fruitfulness, but the flourishing of your family.

The way you treat your family and your discipleship of those under your care is a clear indication of whether you fear the Lord.Moreover, leaving a legacy means allowing God to use your gifts to impact your church and community for His glory. God’s mission is not just to bless us, but to use us in the advancement of His kingdom.

What sort of spiritual inheritance are you leaving to others? How do you invest in people in order to pass along what God has entrusted to you?You cannot give away what you don’t have. Do you have a spiritual treasure to pass along to the next generation?

The life and legacy of Elijah point to an end-time restoration that is happening now. The living legacy of Elijah is a restored altar of living stones (Jews and Gentiles who worship Jesus in one body). His legacy releases the rain of coming revival. Those who receive Elijah’s legacy will be wrapped in the presence of God, and this will result in the raising up of the Elisha Generation.

Celestial Church of Christ, Prophets and Prophetess Council Worldwide. Let us build a good legacy. Let pray for this great church to be one. Let us preach love and play a good roles for others to emulate. It shall be well with us in Jesus name. Amen

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