Holy Mary; The Space For The Way

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The significance of the holy mother in the faith of celestial church can be traced to the early days of the church as the first hymn of celestial church says; and which shows her great importance.

CCC Hymn 762
……..ki Maria Iya wa le ma sin wa lo
Ki emi mimo rere yi wa sin wa lo.

The celebration in honour of her however came about in celestial church after her glorious appearance to the pastor founder Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa in 1977.
Holy Mary’s importance in the journey of a believer cannot be underestimated, as she is the only space for the way, has more knowledge of the sons of God both present and future than they do themselves, as well as knows better what prayers they need.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life is the gospel truth, moreso attaining the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ is what the Church has taughtall time.

However In effect, Holy Mary’s multifaceted mission for the people of God and her position in relation to the church is supernatural.
As no way can be constructed without an open space available for it, the holy mother as a sign of God stands as a space available for God to make a new way for the people of God.
Hence holy Mary is the only one that knows the path we will take into our place in the sight of God.

She is free from every sin, shines as the model of virtues. These virtues of the holy Mother adorns her children, in order to reproduce her virtues in their own Lives and to reproduce in the sons the spiritual characteristics of the First Born Son (Jesus).

It is expedient to know that anyone who desires to see the favor of the holy mother must stay away from sin and be ready to surrender to God to do all that he wills as did she.

We honour Mary, we do not worship her.
Holy Mary is not the way to our salvation but the space for the way, and the channel through which the light came from the source to us and as such she is highly extolled.

Happy Holy Mary’s day celebration.

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