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Week 19: 7th May- 13th May (Long white robe)

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Long white robe

Week 19: 7th May- 13th May

Bible passage to read: Revelation 6

“ For I say to you, that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 5:20

The white colour is always known for purity and this is the reason why the bible also used it to describe righteousness. Physically, a robe can be described as a type of cloth we wear and this often goes a long way in depicting who we are, the little wonder is the saying that “how you are dressed is how you are going to be addressed”.

While the above quotation is right in most instances, it is not always correct because most people do not wear their own clothes. Some people can choose to borrow costly clothes from their friends in order to look big and others can even choose to steal money to buy big clothes in order to feel among. Hence, we can say that human dressing do not always depict their status of wealth in this evil world but this is not the situation in their spiritual realm where no one can fool each other.

Spiritually, white robe can be described as a symbol of living righteously. Apart from the heavenly gains, living righteously in this world always lead to a good relationship with God with peace of mind.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, a man shall reap whatsoever he sows (Galatians 6:7). Unlike in this world where our friends can misjudge us due to various reasons, God can never misjudge us in our spiritual status. God knows what you are wearing at any time and he will never be deceived by any of your cosmetics and make-ups.

Heaven is only meant for the Saints and this is why God desire to receive us in white robes at the end of the world. No wonder Jesus encouraged the faith of the Apostles by making them see Angels with white robes right there in his tomb (Mark 16:5). He wanted them to perceive how the heavenly beings are dressed and how disastrous it will be for them to be found missing in such robes.

Have you given your life to Jesus before and you suddenly turn back or probably you have not given your heart to him in the first place? Today is the best day for you to do so; you cannot afford to postpone your salvation because tomorrow may be too late. God wishes to meet you in white robes.

This earth is going to pass away with the lusts therein and there will be nothing of to hold onto again except Christ. The redeemed of the Lord will be harvested by the Angels at the sound of the trumpet and there will be no more supplications or beg or bribing or Prayers then. Those who now look stupid because they are living a righteous life will be the wisest and the wisest in the face of the world will become so foolish at the end.

Drop everything that is luring you back to adultery, fornication, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy and lies. Cling unto Jesus and be steadfast your righteous living and it shall be well with you (Gal5:1). May God bless you as you take this decision

Devotional Prayer Points

  • Oh Lord, create in me a heart for you in Jesus name.
  • Dear father, renew your grace in me to live righteously.
  • Oh Lord, direct my gaze to be on heavenly things alone in Jesus name.
  • Dear Lord, separate me from every relationship that is set to make me loose my place in you in Jesus name.
  • Oh Lord, make my righteous living to draw other people to your Kingdom in Jesus name.

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook