Celestial Church of Christ celebrates 50 years in the UK

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In April 2018 Celestial Church of Christ marked its 50th year in the United Kingdom. In light of this, celebrations, programs and services will be held at various parishes ranging from CC Redemption Parish to CCC Elephant and Castle Parish.

Preparations for the event have been ongoing for months. All ministries including the youth and women’s ministry are involved. Parishes all over London are preparing themselves for each event day. The biggest celebration will be the thanksgiving service at Harton Street Parish Sunday 26th August 2018 at 10am. This is understandable owing to the fact that Harton Street was the first Parish established here in the UK.

In 1968 many members from the Nigerian Diaspora would gather together in a house. Mama Bola Adenejolu, formerly a member of CCC Yemetu Parish, Ibadan, Nigeria was the prophetess through which many messages came; she came to the UK in 1967. As described by Sup. Evang. Banji Oyelakin in his book ‘A History of CCC in the United Kingdom,’ “During one particular night whilst Bola and her fiancé were staying at the residence of Superior Evangelist Festus Banjo, the Holy Spirit came upon Bola nad she went into a spiritual trance. During the night, the message the Lord gave was ‘Emi Olu Ijo Mimo lode yi. Opo omo Ijo Mimo lo wa ni ilu yi, sugbon bi mo se fe se nkan ti Emi niyi.’ Roughly translated, ‘I the Lord of this church have arrived, there are many members of CCC in this country, but this is the way I want to establish my Church,’ significantly, the key message of the night was ‘Loni ni mo fi okuta Ijo Mi lele ni ilu okere yi,’ roughly translated as ‘Today I have laid the foundation stone of my church in this foreign land,’”.
Of course this message would come to past as the first service in the UK was at 2 Basset Road W10 in April 1968. We all bear witness to the many parishes here in the UK and we thank God.

Ijo mimo o, a ki yin ku orire. Ijo mimo ko ni baje o lai lai.

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