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Week 34: 20th Aug – 26th Aug (Wisdom in front of understanding)

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Wisdom in front of understanding

Week 34: 20th Aug – 26th Aug

Bible passage to read: Proverbs 17:24

“Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.” James 3:13
God is wise, therefore his children are supposed to be wise. Knowledge is measured by what you know and the level of your knowledge is understanding while the ability to use your understanding rightly whenever it is needed is referred to as wisdom. How much do you know? How much do you understand? How wise are you?

There is a popular fictional story that best depicts wisdom, here is the story; A woman has a foolish child who foolishly dip his hand into fire. Fortunately, the child did not die, he only got wounded. The woman then begin to take to the streets telling her neighbours that she is fortunate not to have lost her child to fire. Her neighbours replied by telling her that she will soon lose the child to fire if she does not correct her foolishness.

As a child of God, if you do not correct your foolishness now, it will soon kill you. Knowing the exact numbers of chapters written in the bible does not determine your understanding. What matter most is for you to understand the word and know when best to use it. Don’t be too filled up that you don’t know what to apply for each situation.

Abraham is the father of faith because he is wise enough to know what to say to God or his angels at any time. One of the reasons why God always love to chat with Abraham was because Abraham does not speak foolishly; he knows the best reply to give to all answers.

God knows the usefulness of wisdom and that was the reason why he created it before the earth (Proverbs 8). Wisdom is necessary for creation, communication and growth. Without wisdom you are nothing; its only wisdom that can direct you to the fulfilment of your God given purpose in life. It will only take wisdom for you to know which decision is best for you to take per time.

God is the wisest of all; his foolishness is greater than the wisdom of man. Therefore, it hurts God whenever he sees foolish people trying to proof wise. It takes humility to be wise; if you are not humble you will find it difficult to be wise because you will believe that nobody can be as wise as you.

Mediocrity is the act of celebrating foolishness. This act exists in our Church today and they also grow more in their mediocrity because people do not find it useful to correct them. Nobody wants to correct a foolish man because he may not cherish the correction. Don’t be right in your own eyes; as long as you are not corrected by people does not mean that you exhibit wisdom, you might be the foolish type and the people around you are afraid to correct you because they don’t know how you will react.

Your best bet for wisdom is God, patiently go before him today with humility and he will fill you with the adequate knowledge, understanding and wisdom that is able to carry you through life in Jesus name

Devotional Prayer Points

  • Oh Lord, fill me with your wisdom that will be able to lead me rightly in life in Jesus name.
  • I refuse to be a mediocre in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord, give me a humble heart to always listen to correction in Jesus name
  • As from today, i choose to understand everything that the Lord wants me to understand from every situations in Jesus name
  • Dear Lord, please turn all my foolishness to wisdom in Jesus name.

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook