US vet inspired by John 15:13 to risk his life and save a girl from ISIS

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Dave Eubank is a former Special Forces Soldier who became famous for the brave and heroic rescue of a little girl.

When talking about what he did he believes “it was God’s power that helped us rescue the girl… I just said, ‘Lord help us’ and if I die my wife and kids would understand… it’s to save a little girl and I ran and I had to pull her away from her dead mother.”

Eubank affirmed that it was the verse from the Bible that says “Greater love has no one than this than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

This wasn’t the first time God spoke that verse to him. It also came to him when he was trying to save another child from Isis.

He says “Whenever you’re afraid, you know we all get afraid, ask God ‘Should I do this?” And, if the answer is ‘yes’ — from God, not our emotions — then ask for love because love will cast out fear.”
The little girl was hiding under her dead mother’s burka.

Eubank was taking a picture of a scene where many victims of Isis lay dead when he saw movement among them. The only way to help would be to race across open ground that was under heavy surveillance by Isis. They prayed and talked with Iraqi forces about how to do a rescue and called their American military friends.

[pullquote] “Whenever you’re afraid, you know we all get afraid, ask God ‘Should I do this?’ [/pullquote]

The help came via US air assets dropping a curtain of smoke on their location. This gave them enough time to shoot across to the little girl.

With an Iraqi tank for cover, Eubank and his team moved in for the rescue to meet a girl under her dead mother’s hijab and two men hurt but alive. When speaking to CNN he mentions that “the little girl was screaming, unwilling to let her mother go.”

AS he ran to get her Isis was constantly shooting but so was the Iraqi tank.

The girl and a man were saved and taken to the hospital. Eubank and his team returned to the scene the next day and saved 7 more lives.

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