Muslims lend Christians hijabs to help them escape ISIS in disguise

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Marawi City Map
Marawi City, Philippines

Christians in Marawi, Filipino have been suffering attacks from Isis militant. There are over 1500 people trapped in Marawi whilst only around 100 people have managed to escape.
What has stood out to people is that Muslims have been helping protect Christians by letting them borrow hijabs.
Hostages suffer from starvation, being held as human shields and attack from bombing by the military who are trying to drive out the jihadists. Trapped citizens have been so hungry, they go as far as eating blankets or cardboard boxes.
Islamic militants stormed Marawi last month. According to the Independent News, they left 290 people dead, including 205 Isis fighters, 58 soldiers, and 26 civilians. In the initial siege, Christians and a Catholic priest were taken as hostages and used as human shields.
Philippines military spokesman explained that US troops are located next to Marawi but are not actively fighting Isis, some of which are operating equipment to provide information awareness to Philippian troops. According to Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, “they are allowed to carry rifles for self-defence. But they are not allowed to fight, they only provide support.”

Author: Damilola Bolaji

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Source:The New York Times
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