Transparency: The difference between a successful and failed relationship

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The first day of meeting your choice of man or woman will determine whether you’ll have a successful or failed relationship.

To have a successful relationship which leads to marriage, there must be transparency from the beginning and not get carried away by the lust of the flesh on the first day i.e. beauty, wealth and so on. You need to let the other party know everything about you. Do not hide anything, because it may come back to haunt you. Tell the other party about the real you, i.e. your past and background. Let the other party know if you were previously married, whether you have any children, your beliefs (religion), your educational background, and your occupation. Do not hide anything which may surface in the future that may bring about doom to the relationship.

Many relationships fail because of the hidden past of the other party. Some relationships fail after several years due to the lies told on the first day of both parties meeting and therefore lack of transparency. We hear of marriages that come to an end after several years when suddenly, a child, wife or husband surfaces out of nowhere. Some will lie about their background, but when the other party suddenly finds out problems start to occur. However, if the truth is told from the beginning, all the examples above of marriage/relationship breakdowns can be averted.

As children of God, we should always tell the truth, and if the man/woman is for you, our faithful Father, Jehovah will do the rest. Some people tell lies out of desperation but are not mindful of how this can affect their marriage in future. Others intend to be transparent from the first day but decide to withhold certain truths, but when everything is finally exposed, it might be too late to save the marriage.

True love trumps all the mistakes of the past, and mistakes can be better handled when all parties share the knowledge of them.  In addition to this, true love is not about money, facial beauty, class, ethnicity or educational background. True love sees beyond these things; It is all about the heart of Christ which accepts a person as they truly are.

Author: Prophet Dele Bareck

CCC Holy Saviour Parish
Chadwell Heath

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