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The most important thing to know about the Tenet of CCC stated in the Constitution is the clause “It is ordained by the Holy Spirit that:”. This clause points to the truth that holy spirit Himself gave us these set of runs which should be adhered to strictly and observed thoroughly if not one will see them as a mere proclamation of man which would not affect us if we do not follow them. This tenet was not proclaimed by men nor by the council of elders nor by the advice of people but it was sent down by God Himself to separate us from every other people; which means that to stay a member of this church(Celestial Church of Christ), one must hold the Tenet dearly and follow it; failure to do this is showing or reeling God we are not member of His Church. The funniest part of following the Tenet is that one does not understand the reason behind God giving it to us until we start following them and God Himself will reveal the mysteries behind them to us. If we speak against or stand against them, we are telling the Holy Spirit that He made mistakes and we cannot do as He has instructed, this is why we must be careful in our utterances so as not to speak against the Holy spirit or grieve Him nor stand as a stumbling block for other(Mat 12:31-32, Eph 4:30).

The liturgy of CCC is subdivided into 4:

1. The Law

2. The Doctrine

3. The Tenet

4. Spiritual works

The law tells us to be holy, the doctrine which is also known as teaching tells us to be humble and the Tenet tells us that we are kings. To remain in the kingdom and a royal in the Palace of God (Celestial Church of Christ), we must follow the Tenet with all our heart so we can be duly established in this world and a mark of the royal will remain on us forever.

According to section 93 of the constitution which has the Tenet as the head and has 12 subsections which contains the basic things a Celestial should not engage in as a true member.

(1)    Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage or participate in any form of idolatry, fetish ceremony or cults, black magic and charms; as a kings, we are above all nations and kingdoms, everyone is meant to submit to us, therefore, joining cults is against the principles of the kingdom, all cults and groups are subjected to the king if he knows his place. Going to any ceremony that we are not sure of its origin is not wise as a king, before you engage in anything, get the history, know how it started if it has anything that has to do with the devil, you are to stay off it. Ceremonies like ojúde ọba in Ogun State, Nigeria, Osun Osogbo in Osun State or even Halloween all have the bases or attachments of the devil. If we unconsciously or careless engage or participate in them, Satan would use this to give us a mark which we would not know and by getting this mark, we have a pact with him and he will always have access to us when he pleases. The major reason CCC was sent by God is to remove the mark of the devil from nominal Christians has been stated in section 24 of the constitution, so we must be careful what we engage or participate in as a Celestial member.

2) cigarette or tobacco smoking or snuffing or any type of weed smoking or snuffing is forbidden to members of the Celestial Church of Christ; without been told, we all know that the smell that oozes out of people that smoke due to the smoke they inhale is makes spirits stay away from them especially the spirit of God. The spirit of God can never dwell in the body of a man that smokes, he might be gifted but there would not be indwelling spirit of freedom in him because he has used the smoke from his cigarettes, week or the odour of anything he sniffed make him(the spirit of God) stay away hence, he is prone to anything from the devil.

(2)    Consumption of any form of alcohol, wine or any strong drink that can intoxicate is 

Forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ as the odour of all these – cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, etc. – are repugnant to the presence of the Holy Spirit; Alcohol itself is not to be taken by members of Celestial Church of Christ, no matter how small the volume of the alcohol is, drinks like Smirnoff ice etc which had as low as 5% is not to be taken by members of Celestial Church of Christ. There have been arguments that we add alcohol content which is the major content of our perfumes to water which we use in church, this is true but the instruction of the addition of perfumes to water is meant to be in drops and not in large quantity. 7 drops of perfume is meant to be added to water (as in the case of holy water) before it is prayed on and placed before the Lord,the content of the perfume in our holy water is so minute that the water would have dissolved it hence it is as if nothing was added to it so if we take it, we can never be intoxicated or have alcohol in our systems. Some school of thought cites example of 1tim 5:3 as basis of taking alcohol, trying to tell us God is not against we taking wine but little did they know that apostle Paul was talking to Timothy because he has infirmities and stomach problems which is purely medical, now do we a have the same infirmities as he had?. Another school of thought would say medically red wine is good for the heart this might be true but the God we serve knows we do not need red wine to have a good heart, in fact, those who drink red wine most times die of heart attacks, this is to prove that God is God in all. Alcohol in the system makes a man intoxicated and he misbehaves and forgets he has God (Prov 20:1, 31:4-7) so for us to have a sound mind, to have a heart that receives from God so as to execute sound judgement and remain in our place as a king, we are to stay away from alcohol.

(3)    Consumption of pork or any food offered as a sacrifice to idols or other powers of darkness is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ; The food we should stay away from are those that are offered unto idols so as not to counted as one of them. Generally, for all Celestial members, we are not to eat pork under no circumstances, this is why we should know the content of any food, snacks or canned food we purchase so as not to inject what is not into our system. God is concerned about everything we do especially what we take in this is evident in Gen 2:16-17, He gave Adam restrictions so as to make him be in the state and place He placed him but unfortunately Adam fell by eating. Noah who was chosen by God to restart the generation of man also fell by what he put in his mouth after God has cleansed the earth of all curses, Noah brought curses back because he injested what he was not supposed to. The first man fell by eating, the second man also fell by drinking hence God has been concerned about what we eat and drink, this is why He gave us restrictions on our food and drinks.

It is worthy of note to state that God never told us not to eat crawling animals, draw soups etc. but if anyone gives a personal message to stay away from any food, he/she should stay away from it. We should know that personal instructions are different from general instructions.

(4)    Members are forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials except for professional reasons; As a Celestial and a king, the place we operate is highly spiritual that nothing of black or red operates there, for this reason, we are told to stay away from wearing these clothes except for professional reason (work-related purposes). Papa called cloths with these colours “clothes that harbours dirt”. In Zach 3:3-4, the cloth wore by Joshua the priest is black and full of filth hence satan has power over him to stop him from moving or going further. Satan gave him this cloth when he died to be able to hold him and resist him so also if we as Celestial wear black clothes, we are putting ourselves in a place where we can be resisted by the devil and marked as his target hence we can’t operate as a royal because no royal can be tied down, anyone tied down is not a royal. Red, on the other hand, signifies death because anytime archangel Michael wants to go in battle, he wears red but in CCC, we have the blood of Jesus so no need for us to wear red apparels because we do not fight war ourselves but Jesus does on our behalf (Jesu lagagun òde ọrùn fún àwa ọmọ ìjọ mimo l’atorun wa).

It is also worthy to state clearly that God never told us black stands for mourning(ọ́fọ́) or red stands for distress (ìpọ́njú).

(5)    Members should not wear shoes when wearing their sutana or within the premises of the Church; When we are in sutana, we are representing God as a priest and by walking on our feet, we are making nought all the power of nations and kingdoms working in the territories we step. Just as God told the Israelites (Deut 11:24, Jos 1:3) He told us too so wherever we step on with our feet, it automatically becomes out spirituality. Isn’t God of Celestial Church of Christ wonderful?!

(6)    Male and female members are forbidden to sit together side by side within the Church and its premises; By the setting of God, a man and a woman do not sit side by side because in a place before the king, the man and woman do not sit together to uphold orderliness so we are also told we should not sit together especially when we have our altar burning. It might apply elsewhere but in the Palace of God (Celestial Church of Christ) the setting of heaven brought to the world, it doesn’t apply there.

(7)    Female members during menstruation are not allowed to come within the precincts of the Church until after their sanctification after seven clear days; and where the menstruation extends beyond seven days, two clear days should be allowed for after stoppage before sanctification; This is a very important key men should teach their women about. Women must understand that not coming is for their own good and not for castigation, if they come to church during this period, they prove that God cannot control them hence they transgress and would be punished. The Husbands or fathers of those who disobey this order are not left out because they are supposed to educate their wives and children about the Tenet of the church. Menstruation came as a result of curse placed on a woman in Gen 3:16 but Jesus came and offered His blood as sacrifice to remove us from a sins so God only wants to see the blood of Jesus Christ which is in the altar and no other blood so if a woman comes during her period or when it is not up to seven days(days of separation) she is telling God that the blood of Jesus Christ is not enough that she prefers to stay under the curse Jesus used His blood to blot out.

If for any reason the flow of a lady exceeds seven days, it is important she stays away for two extra days before she comes for sanctification. The important of sanctification after menstruation cannot be overemphasized in the life of a woman.

(9) Female members are forbidden from entering the altar area or leading the congregation in worship; Because women have times of separations(during their period and time of birth), they are not allowed to go into the altar because God specifically made the place for a man to lead and appear before God always. No woman is given the mantle in CCC to lead the congregation, this is why when they stand to address the church they stand facing the southern part of the church and not facing the western part of the church. A woman that stands to address the church backing the altar and facing the western part of the church is already leading so our woman and ladies must be careful so as not to fall into transgression. There is many more to understand about this but we will discuss it further in later times.

(10) In Celestial Church of Christ, only white candles are to be used. Coloured candles are strictly forbidden; This is self-explanatory as we are not given any other candle (image or coloured) so when any members see anyone using any other candles, he or she should leave the place no matter how highly ranked or respected the person using these candles is.

(11) Fornication and adultery are forbidden in the Celestial Church of Christ; These two acts makes one unholy before God. As generally believed adultery is not peculiar to adults or married nor fornication peculiar to unmarried or young people both are peculiar to anybody no matter the age or marital status. We must as much as possible stay away from these acts because one loses his or her spiritual standing faster when indulging in this acts, we should be careful as not to bring those whom we are not told to bring closer by God because these acts most times are transferred spiritually from one person to another. When a man lust after what God hasn’t given him, it is called adultery, when a man engages in a sexual relationship with women God hasn’t given to him, it is called fornication. It is clearly stated that those who engage in these are making themselves one with the devil 1cor 6:12-20.

12) Holy is the Celestial Church of Christ and all who worship in her should endeavour to be clean in body and in soul; For us to be a holy humble king unto God, we must follow all the above so as to stand a Saint as we are called by God and remain a royal in His kingdom 1 Peter 1:15-16.

Author: Ayo Sobule

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