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Week 45: Nov 5th – Nov 11th (Sheep in the Midst of Wolves )

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Sheep in the Midst of Wolves

Week 45: Nov 5th – Nov 11th

Bible passage to read: Job 21:30

“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.” Acts 20:29
The 6th chapter of the book of Matthew explains to us how Jesus gave instructions to his Disciples to go into the World and preach the Gospel. Our Savior regards us as his workers and this is the reason why he is always giving instructions to us on how to go out into the World. Jesus was so particular about our “going out” that he even reminded the Apostles just before his ascension (Matt28:19-20).
But this present world is not so friendly that it will naturally accommodate the children of God. The world is full of jealous people, fighters, adulterers, fornicators and the likes. The church are presently the worst hit by these group of Predators; most pastors and elders are wolves in sheep skin and their attitudes do not resemble that of a bonafide child of God, yet Jesus want us to go into their midst and survive. What an irony.
God knows about the situation of the world today and he knows how worst it will become tomorrow and that was the reason why he referred to all the evil characters in the world as “wolves”. It doesn’t matter where they reside or which position they are holding, wolves are Predators and Christians are their targeted Preys but the good news is that God has given us victory over them.
Here we are in the midst of wolves trying to turn them into sheep; what a seemingly impossible task! But its possible if we depend on God’s grace and wisdom to direct our steps. The scripture says that wisdom is profitable to direct. Be mindful of how you deal with the people surrounding you; always know where to call it quits in business and transactions, pay less attention to irrelevances and be focused on your God given vision.
Heed to the warnings of Christ (John10:8-10); don’t be foolish to fall into the pranks of the wolves of this world. Wolves are in your place of work and even in the church and they always appear as if to be helpers but they are not. They are only deceiving you so that you can become their food one day.
Don’t depend on human strength for your help. Rather, always depend on God. When you have problems or challenges, don’t inform your friend first, always let God be the first person to know about your condition at any time. If you are used to telling people about what you are going through instead of telling God, the people that you are telling will one day cajole you and take you into their den.
There is no other name elsewhere by which a man can be saved except the name of Jesus. Your trust in this name can only be established by how you depend on God for everything. Be the portrait that speaks about the picture of Jesus, stand clear from all evil attractions and let the word of God naturally spread through you in your character and attitudes. Shalom.

Devotional Prayer Points

  • Oh Lord, i desire to stand out in the midst of the crowd, please help me to stand out in Jesus name.
  • Oh Lord, help me to make an impact even in the midst of the wolves of this world in Jesus name.
  • The mark of the Lamb is on my body, I shall not be harmed by the wolves of this world in Jesus name
  • I am divinely protected against all evils, nothing will harm me in Jesus name.

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook