NBA Player comforts young boy by praying with him

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Christian NBA player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was recently seen comforting and praying with a young boy who was grieving the loss of his father.

According to, Dallas Mavericks player Devin Harris lost his brother, Bruce, in a tragic car accident. Bruce left behind a young son who took the news of his father’s death very hard.

On Monday 23rd of October, the Dallas Mavericks were to play the Golden State Warriors. Before the game, the Warriors’ star player Steph Curry, an outspoken Christian, shared a touching moment and was seen comforting and apparently praying with Bruce Harris’ son on the sidelines.
Harris’ brother, died from his injuries sustained in a car crash last week on Central Expressway in Dallas.

Before the game, Curry spoke with the young boy near the team’s courtside tunnel and appeared to bow his head in prayer with the child.

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