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Week 7: Feb 12th – 18th (Exposed to the Enemy)

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Exposed to the Enemy

Week 7: Feb 12th – 18th

Bible passage to read: Proverbs 25:28

Human Weakness: The enemy know us too well and we can display vulnerability by relaxing – “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

The world and everything therein was created by the word (Genesis1:1). After the creation of Man, he also began to create the word, and the source of this word is the tongue. Coincidentally, this tongue remains the major opening in the human body through which the devil arrests the children of God. He who does not keep the walls of his mouth closed will be under the danger of eternal destruction.

It was once reported sometimes ago that the police arrested a driver on the suspicion of car theft. He has been interrogated accordingly and later released when he was not found guilty. When he asked them the reason for the arrest, the Police were said to have told him that he was found swearing at someone through the window of his car. And what has that got to do with the arrest, he asked. The police replied that the swearing behavior was practically against the message on the sticker of his car that reads “Clergy Man”. Therefore, they thought he stole the car.

A man is always recognized by his utterances; even worldly policemen know that godly men are not expected to speak in filthy language. What an irony! You can only be identified by what come out from your mouth; a mango tree can never produce orange! No matter how religious you may be to your family or friends, you still need to be in charge of your tongue (James 1:26) in order to become better in life.

A multitude of words leads to sin; there are possibilities of sinning when you don’t control your tongue. As a Christian, you must learn when to say it is enough. Don’t try to convince people by your speech and eloquence, rather try to reach them through your attitudes. Remember the adage that says actions speaks louder than voice. Your speech will not change people’s perspectives about you, it’s only your action that will do.

Do not join people in argument; you don’t need to be identified in all arguments. Arguments will only expose your fallibility, it will not add anything to you (Job 6:25). The scripture says that a fool is assumed to be wise when he keeps quiet. The best stand for you to take in the face of argument is silence. Being quiet does not mean that you are ignorant of the subject of discussion; it only means that you are so wise that you want to learn more.

The scripture referred to the tongue as an unruly evil full of deadly poison. This means that you are a container of likely poisons and if you are careless with the lid of the container, which are your lips, and then you will become a curse to yourself. The tongue is one of the smallest parts of the human body but it can become the most deadly if not put under control (James 3:5).

Our tongue is supposed to be a fountain of blessings and not a curse. Learn how to sharpen your tongue with the word of God. Speak the word of God out at every idle time of your life. Let the scriptures be so conversant with your mouth that you will hardly have any other chance to say something else when you are idle. Do not give a chance for those evil words to have a place in your life; think positive and confess positively. Always be in charge and control your destiny by yourself.


Devotional Prayer Points

  • I receive grace to control my tongue as from today in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord, liberate me from all the shackles of bondage that I have woven for myself through my uncontrolled speeches in Jesus name
  • Henceforth, my tongue shall continually be a fountain of blessing in Jesus name.
  • Oh Lord, save me from every trouble that I have invited into my life through the carelessness of my tongue in Jesus name.
  • Every part of my life that has been exposed to the enemy is supernaturally blocked in Jesus name.

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook