Youth Energy : A resource for national development

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The development of any society is seen from the relationship between man and its environment who adds value to his environment through various innovations and inventions.

This combination ensures self discovery and plays a major role in energizing, conscientizing, motivating and mobilizing a person towards a common goal.

Therefore, any society with a strong value system will experience increased development with a group of disciplined people while a society with a weak value system will hardly experience growth.

Today, due to inadequate opportunities and support base in the country, the entertainment industry has become a major place of consolation for the youthful mind to showcase its talent and energy.

With the pool of human resources and creativity that lie buried in the hands and hearts of Nigerian youths unearthed, as seen in the music industry, Nollywood and other areas in the creative industry.

Incidentally, youths have much more than entertainment to offer Nigeria, therefore, leaders and society in general must understand that the miracles of development lies in improving the youthful mind through knowledge and skills.

Knowledge-driven economy and investment in skill development has become the global currency worldwide for speedy development.

Unfortunately, there is no bank in the world that prints such currency, but leaders and society are expected to device their own means of evolving such currencies through harnessing and utilizing the energy and creative passion of their youths for national development.

Interestingly, education, either formal or outside the classroom is a cornerstone for development.

With facts, it should be identified that education should be more than just knowing facts and receiving recognitions for being able to attain such height but rather being holistic in nature.

The secret of development in Asia and Europe is the miracle of development of human engines through education and skills acquisition.

Currently, innovations are created by the youthful mind such as Mark Zuckerberg among others who are the drivers of the knowledge economy of the world.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was in his forties when he became the President and made outstanding impacts in the United States.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canadais also in his forties.

Other young leaders in the world include Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, 31; New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, 37; France’s Emmanuel Macron, 40; North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, 34; Qatar’s Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, 37; New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, 37; and Ireland’s Leo Varadkar, 38.

These leaders are doing well considering the improvement in their country’s gross national product, foreign exchange, infrastructures, employments, welfare, security etc.

They are far all better than the present state of Nigeria..
Also statistically speaking Africa is far behind in the inclusion of young people in governance as no current leader in the continent is below the age of forty.

Therefore for Nigeria to experience a significant change in the current economic situation, young leaders who are highly qualified academically, experienced in business, legal, international and financial management, must be given a place in the government.

It is therefore significant for both the leadership of the country, parents and societal gatekeepers to understand and appreciate the fact that youths are the cornerstone to social rejuvenation and as such have a greater role to play in national development.

The heroes and heroines of Nigeria’s independence include the likes of; Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Anthony Enahoro, Olufunmi Kuti, Gambo Sawaba, Kudirat Abiola were young adults at that time, and were able to galvanize support from everywhere to gain freedom for Nigeria.

Youths must be foreliners in order to have a working government, putting leaders on their toes to deliver the dividends of democracy.

Against this backdrop, political leaders must channel their energies in harnessing and utilizing the energy and passion of the youths through positive directions and not the current scenario of being political thugs, assassin, cultists, armed robbers, bed warmers and prostitutes.

It is important for policy makers, parents and gate keepers to understand and appreciate that youths are the future of this country; therefore developing their mindset and creativity should be a major concern to all Nigerians.

There is therefore, the need for government to create an atmosphere favorable for young persons to achieve their desired objectives.
Happy Independence to all Nigerians across the Globe.

Author: Temidayo Fasan

Idea hamster, Trendy, Peaceful. Blogger and Correspondent for Celestial Weekly.
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