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Week 9: Feb 26th – Mar 4th (The Deceiving Spirit)

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The Deceiving Spirit

Week 9: Feb 26th – Mar 4th

Bible passage to read: 2nd Chronicles 18:19-22, 1Kings 22:19-23, 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Deceive: the act of propagating beliefs that are untrue. It may also involve a camouflage, concealment or distraction.

Prophets are good and highly recommended for the work of God to continue perfectly in the church but their actions can be dangerous when they become carriers of deceiving spirits. Deceiving Spirits can be a very strong instrument in the hands of Satan as he freely uses it to confuse people because he is the father and the author of confusion.


This deceiving spirit flow naturally in our churches today and many people also desire to have it under the disguise that it is the gift of prophecy! There is a gift of prophecy and there is deceiving spirit too. It is better for you to know now that all “prophets” in our churches nowadays are not from God. No spirit should be trusted except when such spirit is tested by the principles of the Lord.


Any spirit that does not confess that Jesus is Lord is a satanic spirit. Any message that does not talk about your salvation is not only confusing but it is a lie from the pit of hell. All prophecies and messages must have their backing in the Bible or else they should be discarded. Since Satan lost the battle at Calvary, he has been trying his best to gain more Christians to his side and his major weapon is deceit.

However, God can permit this deceiving spirit to be used on anybody who is meant for destruction. This is evidenced in how the Lord used it in the passage of today. Whenever the Lord wants to punish a generation, he folds his arms and allows deceiving spirits into the Seers of that nation and their prophets will begin to lie. God’s desire was to punish Ahab severely and he was looking for a way to punish him until an evil spirit raised the suggestion of deceit.


God will never permit his beloved to be deceived because the spirit of God does not lie. Holy Spirit is resident in the lives of the beloved and no other spirit can displace it. Holy Spirit gives direction on how to move in life and how to respond to situations. You cannot have the Holy Spirit and still fall into the pit of life because the spirit of God can never misguide.


Despite the protection that God give to his children, a majority of us Christians still go about looking for what is not lost. By doing this, we being are moved about like the currents in a turbulent sea. Just as Paul said, nowadays, we children of God tend to move from one church to the other looking for where we can be motivated towards our desires of the flesh (2nd Timothy 4:3-4).


If your desire is to get connected to the “hottest” Prophet in town, then you have missed your priority as a child of God. Your priorities in life are supposed to be in heaven and not towards irrelevancies that are coming to you in form of relevancies. Stop looking for miracles instead of searching for God; don’t waste your time looking for the cleanest church while you are the dirtiest in town.

Devotional Prayer Points

  • Oh Lord, help me not to offend you to the extent that you will permit the deceiving spirit to torment me in Jesus name
  • Dear Lord, let your Holy Spirit dwell in me richly like never before in Jesus name.
  • Father, give me the heart to follow you to the end in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord, envision my sight to be focused on the things that matter in Jesus name
  • Oh Lord, create in me a discerning spirit that will help me to know the truth always in Jesus name

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook