The Celestial

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The abode of the mighty ones
Angels flying about
Life, Energy, Light everywhere
Men in white all around
Thrones and thrones
The Lamb on the throne of rest.
Twenty and four elders seated
Living creatures; nameless ones
Thunderings and lightning
Voice as of many waters
Sounds of trumpets
All coming from the throne.
Oh! How beautiful are the celestial ones!
Beings of light, of different colours and shades,
Cherubim of glory; the stones of fire
Even the seraphs; the burning ones
A place of maximum order, from whence dominion flow.
The morning stars, the angels, the archangels, the fiery ones all in adoration of their creator and Lord.
Oh! I see the rainbow, The crystal clear sea, The burning lamps with varying shades of flame. So much life flowing from Him who is seated on the throne.
It’s a world over there in the celestial realm. And you are invited to come up to fellowship with the celestial ones! Beings of lights!

Author: Kayode Olatunji

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