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  1. This is a spiritual Church and not a church run out of common sense, God does not change and His word is true and it will definately come to pass.
    we are not Catholics but a Church from heaven that is solemnly led by the Holy Spirit. God gave the founder specific instruction about succession and nothing more nothing less and we cant play with the word or assume this is what it means. Instead of approaching things from the standard point of God and seeking His direction we are using our intellect to figure it out, and that is exactly what Papa Bada and co did that brought us to the place we are today. Papa Oshoffa always stress the importance of seeking the counsel of the Holy Spirit in most Matters and when confronted to apply common sense, he always says ” I was not sent that way”, The best way to approach this issue in ccc is seeking the counsel of God. The spirit of God searches the deep things of God. Instead approaching the issue intellectually, why don’t we gather spirit filled prophets and see what God says about the present situation of the Church and the remedy to fix the situation. The Truth in regards to the succession will prevail and what God says about the successor will come pass and all your reformation and amendments of constitution will be a bologny. The Jews waited for 1000 of years for Jesus to come and they even gave up and many things happen during that wait and Jesus did come to fulfill the prophecy. same way The Children of Israel were in captivity for 430 years and God sent Moses to deliver them, during that period they suffered and some probably gave up of the idea of the deliverer, They didn’t even know who the deliverer was because Jacob did not get the revelation of the deliverer . God knew who he was and at the appointed time he used him for His Purpose . Nobody trained Moses for the Job but God unpowered him and use him for the Job. Same way with CCC Worldwide when Its time the true successor of Pastor Prophet Founder SBJ Oshoffa will be revealed and will take his position and the Church will be united and all structure will be implemented and the mighty power of God will reign over His Church to fulfill His Mandate for CCC Worldwide.
    For your information” Prophecy is not Just mere words, but the undiluted word of God that must come to pass” No matter what anyone do or don’t do the word of God will be fulfilled. I crown your effort, but this issue is a spiritual issue and requires spiritual attention and not your biblical knowledge or your understanding of our succession worked for the Catholics. for your information Papa Agboassi created functioning pastors for the same purpose to have cardinals for succession in CCC Worldwide, what happened it created more division , some of the pastors self proclaim themselves as supreme head of the Church and since pastor became a rank, some individuals also self proclaim themselves as pastor of CCC Worldwide. This issue is bigger than all of us , but not bigger than God. let us all wait on the Lord for the fulfillment of the prophecy and may God bless His Church.