Lessons of Juvenile Harvest

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“Gbogbo wa ni yio duro niwaju oluwa, Ati ewe ati agba a o si rojo wa”
This explains the importance of juvenile harvest and why it  is virtually the same as adult harvest thanksgiving service and as well dedicated to children who are the heritage from God.

The harvest is a constant reminder of the end, an annual renewal of their contract with God that continues to help them walk in their purpose.

If it were a one-time thing then it would be done once and no more.

In line with this, it is important for the parents to sow a seed for them, according to instruction from their creator so that their children will not walk out of their purpose.
Juvenile harvest levy is something parents should ask God about; they ought to ask God how much to pay for each child.
This is because each of your children has a different purpose.

If you are yet to have children you can still ask God how much to pay for each child or for however many children you want.

Parents needs to water their seeds, a sign of renewal reminding God concerning the promises on each child, so the children grow up to be good fruits (eso); reproducing blessings (fruit is harvested every year.)

Accordingly, children should have been preparing for their harvest thanksgiving service, what will they have to show? What will they have learnt that they will be able to demonstrate?
This depicts readiness for God’s visitation, and also putting in their consciousness that we will all have to showcase what we have learnt, and achieved over time at the heavenly harvest in the end of time.

May God teach us. Amen
Happy juvenile harvest.

Author: Damilola Bolaji

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