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Week 49: Dec 5th – Dec 11th (Fresh Jawbone? )

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Fresh Jawbone?

Week 49: Dec 5th – Dec 11th

Bible passage to read: Judges 15

‘Lehi’ is a place in Judah, located near the border of the Philistines which was original named En-Hankore by Samson, a prophet and a judge. ‘Lehi’ also means Jawbone – an ass jaw skeleton that was used to slay a thousand Philistines soldiers.

The bible explains that whenever Samson comes into the situation if danger and peril, the Holy Spirit of God descend upon him and he suddenly become this superhero that saves the day! The book of Judges 15 is telling us more about the life struggles of this superhero, after all, he is human like yourself and myself.

Fresh Jawbone is about a glory, a grace that God himself has set upon your life that can be easily lost. It is a position of authority and dominion that cannot be gained with money or influence. How are you using glory and grace that God has given to you? Are you even aware of God’s gift in you? The grace of God is that invisible being that exist and fights our cause even when we are unaware of unfolding situations in our future, it speaks for us in judgement, yet it does not have a voice. It fills the palaces of Kings and gives them the confidence to take anything they wish, but real grace belongs to the king of kings who happens to be our God. The moment you give your life to Christ, you are no longer under the authority of the Government but under the grace if the king of kings. Romans 6:14. Before the birth of Samson, the children of Israel were being battered from side to side and there was no peace. Similarly, you were once under sin but now you are free by the remission of your sins through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Lehi, the Grace, and Glory of God was so powerful, yet it was thrown away and it still transformed a place in history. What is the guarantee or chances that such grace will be available to the next generation? The mercy of God never ends even from generation to generation and although we suffer for a while for our father’s mistakes, there is joy for us in the morning.

Acceptance of lost glory and recovery into God’s grace must begin by us learning from our mistakes. Samson clearly lost the plot by wasting the glory of God but his desire was so strong for his first love, Delilah – his down fall. God had warned the children of Judah not to marry from foreign lands (Deuteronomy 7:3). Samson grew up in the ways of God and clearly knows what the father wants from Judah but walked against God. Even Kings are not above the judgement of God!

Where does your strong desires lie? Women, Money, Alcohol, Gossiping, Lavisciousness, Sleep or Laziness.
Be careful therefore of all strong desires, as history shows they lead to the stumbling of the great. Goliath had a strong desire to destroy Israel because he had heard history of how the God of Israel conquered for them. It is easy for yourself to seek sleep after a stressful night shift at work but God might need you to pray afterwards.

Right now, you have a choice to make; will you wait for a Fresh Jawbone of God in your life or will you go on the usual ‘freestyle’? If you are ready to let God rule say this prayer with me: God I have made mistakes in the past in my thought process and decision making and this has made me go off track. Jehovah. Heal my ways and renew your grace in my life.

Devotional Prayer Points

  • Thank you for my calling oh Lord
  • Father, thank you for your constant Victory in my life in Jesus name
  • I receive grace to conquer my battles in life in Jesus name
  • Am anointed for success in Jesus name
  • The anointing of God over my life shall rubbish the power of the enemies over me in Jesus name

Author: Evangelist Daniel Daramola

Author: CCC Handbook Weekly Devotional
CCC Seventh Year Parish 2

Source:Celestial Handbook