Anointment in Celestial Who is eligible

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Anointment is accompanied with benefits, spiritual power and newness of spirit, which when rightly performed, activates and calls to work the spiritual man ordained by God, demonstrating the overflow of Christ in him.

In line with this, the sustainability of the anointing towards abounding depends solely on 1) personal submission to God’s will, 2) the quantity of the word of God that is being put to use by the chosen, 3) true worship and 4) consistency in his work. The synergy of these, in turn, births spiritual and physical promotion as one continues in the spiritual office.

Strategically, a new position which requires going for another anointment is according to the dictate of the holy spirit, who determines the times.

Now, priests are anointed into office as well as Kings but prophets are born.

Incipiently, from the beginning, God gave the administration of the entire work of creation to man.

God gave dominion, place, office and power to the man before bringing the woman into the picture, this unequivocally licenses every man to a spiritual office before marriage to oversee the work of God, but not without the dictate of the holy spirit and at a time appointed by God.

Contrariwise, the whole essence of a woman is drawn from that of the man, as the subject “woman” cannot exist without the man.

There is no Eve before Adam.

Invariably the major assignment of a woman begins the day she meets her husband (her head), to whom God gave the covenant.

Although, there may be a manifestation of gifts ( prophecy, teachers etc) preparing the unmarried sister for her place and acting as a pointer to her assignment in life, the keys to the spiritual office is not given until marriage.

Also, the body does not receive anointment but the head receives the anointment and passes it down to the entire body, which can only occur when the head and the body are fitly joined.

Thus the major assignment of a woman is to assist the man in actualizing the purpose God gave him.

Evidently a woman is not eligible to be appointed into a spiritual office (anointment) before marriage, until the arrival of the master, the boss (man) the man who has the key to the office, and who has the instruction given by God for the sustainability of the office, by then the woman’s work can fully begin.

To cap it all, it is noteworthy that in as much as men are licensed to anointment before marriage, it is expedient for an unmarried brother not to exceed the first rank until marriage.

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