Halleluyah elders!

What of ise (spiritual work)?

I have worshipped in maybe four CCC parishes in about 30 years. Some of them believe strongly in ise… sometimes there will be monthly vigil with all sorts of ise (either soap, broom, palm frond) to rebuke sudden death, enemies of progress, curses and such. We have even gone to beaches for prayer, and I have heard of times people going to the mountain for prayers.

Then I have also worshipped in churches that don’t believe in ise at all. They just focus on the worship and Word. Hardly at all will you see ise isegun. Maybe once a while there will be congregational prayer, or agba meje and of course they have a Mercy Land.

I feel there are some confusions. What is the original attitude of CCC towards this matter? The first group of churches that do ise say Papa Oshoffa was happy for us to do ise as led by The Spirit. And that he himself did ise – I think this is recorded in the CCC constitution. He did something with an egg and a needle.

But then also, the other set of churches say Papa never said to do ise. And that even, he told people to stop going to the beach and that except new moon no vigil should be allowed.


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