I am not a worshiper of the celestial church but the girl who i love and want to get married to his a member. It happened that her mother is a prophetess. The mother asked for my name and consulted three different elders who said the same thing about our compatibility. They said both of us are very compatible but there are some battles we need to fight together as a couple because it was said there are some forces contending with me hence making me struggle throughout life and a deliverance process was very necessary not only for me but for my siblings as well. We both love ourselves very much and we agreed to pray together concerning it. I got my mum involved in the situation, she also spoke to her mother and they had an agreement that they should meet to pray concerning the future of their children. Just last week my girlfriend called me that she has been receiving visions about dark, powerful women who constantly threatening her to leave me or she will die. She decided to end everything between us and told me to seek redemption myself. Even the mother has refused to communicate with me ever since.

Now i ask, what if truly this is true and there is darkness hovering around me. Is it not right as a friend and as a mother to help me pray concerning my deliverance?

Why must they abandon me at this point saying i should fight my own battles.


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