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Am glad this platform is anonymous because I have an issue which I am ashamed to talk to anybody about.
I don’t know if you are married my sister but hopefully you have wise counsel for me please. My wife and I work tirelessly to support our family and i feel there should always be time for rest and play. My wife is always tired and any time I want to move close to her and play she will say she’s too tired another day. Another day will come and same story.
i have no reason to believe she is unfaithful. I know too well she works very long hard hours but as humans we all have needs. What do I do? It seems we no longer have an intimate connection. If I tell our parents that will be another Wahala I cannot cope with so I’ve kept it secret. This has been the situation for at least five months now. Please I know one should pray and am praying but it has not changed the story.
God Bless you.


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