My question centres around the following.  I was born in and I’ve worshiped in Celestial Church of Christ ever since. About two years ago, in which I would admit I was quite distant from God,I asked God for a sign.

I travelled to a different country attended a Celestial church in which I got 2 confirmation , One there is no Grace to leave Celestial Church of Christ, Two ,In the latter I will do “Ise Oluwa” .

My issue is, I’m near enough the age of marriage and I meet this Man who is somewhat my equivalent, however he is not a member of Celestial Church of Christ, it goes without saying in the event we are to consummate and be married , I would be expected to go to his church. Is that an automatic sign he’s not in God’s Will for my life . I mentioned earlier I grew up in Cele I don’t ever intend on leaving  as our song says ” mo ti fo wo mi ko we owon re re emi ko ni pada mo”

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