I’m not a cele member  but I have a friend who goes to cele (CCC) and I go there to shona once in a while, I had a boyfriend , who had a child and a baby mama they were giving us issues and the guy wasn’t responsible so I left him, I went to one of my male friends house  and passed the night then we had sex, this was in April, and the after I and my boyfriend had a fall out,  it really affected me I started going for party, started clubbing, and smoking, drinking also these are things I don’t do on a norm, so one day my friend invited me to a party and I went, so I met another guy there and the following  we he invited me to a party in Osun state of which i wasn’t able to go and when he came back to Lagos he invite me to his lounge and from there we got lodged and had sex, subsequently I noticed he changed, he doesn’t  talk to me as he used to, so later I and my boyfriend came back together and we had sex and after a while again we broke up and 2wks later I started seeing  some bump like things around my vaginal and when I checked online I says its and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and when I called my friend she told me the same, and since then my mind has been disturbed and I’ve been remembering the things they told me the last time I went to church that I should  stay away from party and men, and something was just bringing different thoughts to my head like maybe the guy used me or something, because I’ve not seen him since the day we went to the lounge, and each time I try to see him he brings up a story.  but I didn’t listen, Sister Abeke pls help me


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