Thanks alot sister tori and your crew for all you have been doing, you are indeed a blessing to me and some others in the church.. I’m emmanuel pablo egbowon, I watched the explanation on some of the 7 pillars which my dad as a shepherd ones told me but bro demola was explaining them. In one of the videos he mentioned what the 7 candles on the altar is but couldn’t elucidate on it. Please help ask him to share the real context of it… secondly as a traveller I have been to churches for example  here in North cyprus we don’t have celestial so I worship in another church as directed by GOD, what I often face is the question for justification of our doctrines in comparison of old and new testament, most times what we face as a celestian is inability to justify this things due to lack or few information on the biblical justification especially from the new testament as they often say and point to the biblical reference that the “old is the shadow of the new things to come. Please bro demola will be the best for me to answer this questions because God asked me to follow him and his teachings and I have been doing that. Please help get to him for clarifications.. God bless you and your resourceful teams


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